Thursday, February 28, 2008

Understanding Equality

Some of you in the Southeast of Portland have been given a Venn Diagram on the topic of Understanding Equality. What does the Venn mean and why am I doing such outrageous visuals on humans? Why should you donate?

A Venn diagram are two separate entities that have a common intersection. I use fruit on the diagram to show the most common example of a Venn diagram. Fruit is also a name that was used to describe sexual minority people. It is suppose to be funny but make the point that their has been a history of discrimination against gay humans. The two circles of love and sex that intersex with humans. Most humans are sexual and loving. Within the human population are people who are gay, heterosexuals, bisexuals, transgendered, transexual, intersexed, etc.,,,

Yes, the two circles are in a box to symbolize how society has labeled these groups of people.

Why am I doing this?

I am doing these Venn diagrams because I want peace for myself anyone else who has felt that this whole thing has gone wrong!

Why donate?

I believe that I plan on making people think. If you donate, I can make more diagrams and continue my public teaching on this subject. I would be your gay teacher who can educate you on these boxes and help gain the support of equal rights in America.

Lisa/Lee Iacuzzi
Special Education

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