Thursday, February 28, 2008

Portland State University: Companion Animals

PSU would not let my dog in the computer room so I could fininsh typing off my masters paper. I let my dog off his leash to move around. Warning: Do not bring your dog on PSU campus if you are an activist. Being an alumni at Portland State University(PSU) has very few benefits once somebody graduates. I can't even walk on campus without security guards harassing me about my companion animal. PSU has a disabilities department in which I went to PSU's disability office with my legal paperwork citing my companion animal. Yet, every time, I am on campus, I kicked out of some building and threatened to be arrested for having my legal companion. PSU stance is that they only acknowledge Federal standards and ignore state laws regarding companion animals. All one has to do is bring their legal dog on campus with a video camera and then go down to the court house. Please understand, PSU, is a very military state operation that sees dogs as a terrorist threat. Hopefully, your filming will not result in being physically assaulted by campus police while filming their behavior.

I still rise, I will not apologize for anything!

Not a Good Queer NAGQ

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