Thursday, February 28, 2008

Run Cody Run

His name is Cody and he is only 15 years old. He is sitting in a chair in the front of my class. He is also always busy randomly moving around or admiring his new sneaks. It is hard to get his attention without a treat or a prize for "good" behavior. My class always had a prize at the end which made class fun. He is a bright student and a really good athlete. He is adored by his peers and stands out with his charming personality. I remember him as a fast runner who loved to play football.

He came to my house and asked me to help him out. I was no longer a teacher at that school, I knew that they broke fundamental educational rules.

He got kicked out of school for throwing dirt

at another student. They gave a behavior plan

that stated that Cody must keep his hands to himself

at all times.

So, a month later, he threw dirt. They kicked him out of school.

This was his ending, to the many attempts of those teachers who simply hated him,

for being loved by his peers and not kissing up to the mean teachers

Hands to himself was not a "measurable goal" that Cody could reach

a demand without a teach

Your out, "overactive boy"

Even though he was legally labeled special ed

The school made sure the parents signed off

their legal rights so

no laws could protect him and his disability did not fit

their purposes of cruelty and judgement

Compassion: Not for the kids

Staff comes first

this philosophy must be reversed

A poor principal

who did not have an educational credit in her hat

Made decisions on kids lives

that were seen as expendable

He came to me crying that he lost his eighth grade

graduation. I said, no worry, no fuss, I get you back to school

in a rush.

Their was only a month of school left and the clock was ticking for him to may it back

I called everyone like a fool

They told me to call this and that number

The goose chase of all goose chases

They could not get involved even though it

A private school funded by Portland Public school dollars

I advocated and called the state and every agency.

I told Cody to go back to his school before he went to Mt. Scott

A week had passed and I had not heard any news of my phone calls

I was in despair

I knew Cody was living with another kid at school

His father was in a mental hospital

His mother was not in the picture

I new his life was hell and his education was all

that he got

Another week passed

And I heard a knock on my door

It was Cody saying thanks for getting me back in school

They had to take me back because I had paperwork that

could be attacked

He graduated from Middle School where Special Ed kids

Get weeded out before they reach high school

Two years later I heard that the boy that could run like the wind was shot in the back. His friends say that he does not run very much anymore. I want to tell him that this is not your first experience with a shot in your back. Keep fighting for your life Cody, Run Cody Run, run for your life. You can do it Cody, Run.

I still rise, I will not apologize for anything!

Lisa/Lee Iacuzzi

Not a Good Queer


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