Thursday, February 28, 2008

Malcom X was always revolving!

Malcom X realized that being a Good N. was hurting the black movement and it was time that African Americans took their rightful place guaranteed in the US Constitution. He created a mind paradigm shift of white and black peoples thinking about the expectations of how black people "fit into" Americas culture. He visited Africa and told Americans of the progress of Africans compared to the progress of black Americans. He taught blacks to defend themselves and to bare arms to protect themselves and their families. He used the expression called,"any means necessary" which scared whites who did not want to relinquish white privilege.
Malcom X was criticised by his own community for not having a peaceful message like Martin Luther King(MLK). MLK would not have been effective without Malcolm X's messages of self defense. Whites were given a choice, the Civil Rights movement was going to turn into a racial war or submit to the Civil Rights movement. Yes, many white people did support the Civil Rights movement but blacks Civil Rights movement was not a popularity vote which required federal protective legislation. The federal legislation was backed up by he National Guard in the south who were forced to submit to the end of segregation. If civil rights were a popularity vote, the South would still have Jim Crow.

For those who do not know Jim Crow, they were laws that segregated blacks from whites in education, public facilities, buses, employment, etc. It was also was illegal for blacks to marry whites. Many free-thinkers will acknowledge that Oregon's' Measure 36 is an example of Jim Crow because it segregates marriage between nonheterosexuals and heterosexuals.

NAGQ does not know if Malcom X was for equal rights for queer people. What NAGQ does know is that Malcom X was always transforming himself in his politics and faith. His mind was not fixed and he allowed himself to grow and learn new ideas. He did not get a chance to fight for queers but NAGQ believes that one could substitute his reference to Afro Americans to Queer people today. What he is saying, is the message that the Queer community needs to change their strategy in achieving Gay Civil Rights because the strategy is obviously not working. The road of Gay Leaders needs to change and NAGQ would suggest targeting heterosexist rather than homophobic behavior which would cause institutional changes versus reacting to gay people.

Thank you Malcom X. I wish I could have met you. I honor you!

I will not apologize for anything!

Not a Good Queer

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