Thursday, February 28, 2008

29 Days in Jail: Good Cop and Bad Cop

Portland Police's "Good" and "Bad" Cop
The problem is, it only takes one bad cop to put you in jail. This photo was taken when tenant in room 207, Laura Fornillee called the police about and attempted assault of a women named Terry Elaine Sharpe, Glenda Meyers, and Theresa. Of course, the Rose tenants also called the police which is why things became so wrong so fast. Terry Sharpe and others were never charged on that September day. It is no secret that Glenda Jean Meyers convicted drug dealer who was able to sob on the shoulder of the "bad" cop above. He helped her with information about me so she could obtain a stalking order on me in which NAGQ lived only two feet from her door.
Was Glenda's Friend!

NAGQ was very helpful to this women neighbor for months by taking care of her when she was sick and when she hurt her back. Also NAGQ listened to her whole life story including the impending death of her sister who had cancer. NAGQ lived peacefully with this women until she became the new drug dealer in the building. The old drug dealer named Kim Swegeringer,retired from the position, was in the hospital so Glenda took over her new job responsibilities which included taking Oregon food cards and turning them into cash for residents to buy drugs. Their is about twenty-people involved in this fraud of food stamps who gave thier name to me when they wrote a 8 page document full of false documentation to the police, Portland's Housing authority, Reach CDC, and child protective services. Not to mention a website dedicated to hate of NAGQ which is filled with homophobia.

So the bad cop made sure he arrested me eventhough NAGQ was able to get a contact order on Glenda Meyers. How the judge provided this contact order in the first place is another story and an example of misuse of the legal system that is suppose to protect people which was used to harass NAGQ. Glenda called the police for violating the contact order at least 8 times which included passing me in the building while NAGQ was eating spaghetti. To say it was abusive would be an understatement. The good cop above was smart enough to know that even the lynch mob of a twenty was as he would say, "the majority is not always right". He understood what was happening but this message did not get to the whole department. NAGQ gave the southeast precinct a copy of a BOLI complaint that included a statement from the state of Oregon that NAGQ was living in a "hostile environment". NAGQ also provided two letters from other tenants citing a homophobic gang like of behavior of tenats that included them making up false incidents. NAGQ also called Community Policing around 12 times but still could not get any help even though I was able to speak to officer Picket and had spoken to officer Fulitano.

On Friday November 9at approximately at 9am, NAGQ called the police for Glenda Meyers bumping and telling me to fuck off. Dispatch said that it could not come out to help due to two residents having a stalking order in the same building was not enforceable. I called the police again about tenant Bren Athens attempted assault. The bad cop came out and even though he was showed a video of my attack, he still did not press charges. On his way out of the building, I did see him talk to Glenda Meyers where he told her to call him personally to arrest NAGQ of violation of stalking order. I video taped him that has the date and the time on the camera, I knew that he, the bad cop, was after me and it was only a matter of time when this was going to happen.

After Glenda made over eight phone calls to the police and dealing with the police at least five times trying to arrest me over a one month period of time, I showed officer Lowry my camera which showed the harassment of Glenda. This still did not help. I carried the camera to protect me from false accusations and video taped lots of harassment in which officer Lowry and his partner, the bad cop, would not charge any resident with harassment including the day of my arrest.

On November 12th at approximately 9am, Glenda Meyers called the police again when I told her to walk in the opposite direction when she approached me. When the police came,I told Lowry, please arrest me, I am tired of this whole thing, please..... I tried to give my camera which had my evidence to another tenant. He would not allow this is when he threw my face against the wall and handcuffed. As he was handcuffing, another officer walked from behind and pulled my finger back as he was pressing my knuckle. I screamed that he was hurting me but he kept on squeezing. I screamed about my dog being locked in my room to a Reach employee who witnessed the whole police attack on the front steps at the Rose.

When I was brought downtown after a hellish car ride where Lowry and the bad cop ensighted degrading marks in the car ride. The boys said that I was just after money and that I made them sick because this was all about money. No sorry. I Lisa/Lee Iacuzzi have proven through the law of Oregon that bigendered and transgendered people are allowed in male and female "only places.

I was brought into checking. It is here where officer Tracey Owens grabbed my breast during the not so routine body search. I flinched and they lifted my body up on a table using my handcuffs behind my back. Then another guard pulled my wrists and fingers until I squelled like a pig, "please stop, I will be good". Then the lifted my body and put me in a cell with my entire weight on my collar bone and crossing my legs in midair. Then officer Jameson, who was written about in a recent tribune article, refused my phone call for 6 hours.

Of course my bruising earned me time in hole which could hide my facial and hand bruising from Police officer Lowry and collar bone injury from Deputy Tracy Owens. I was let out of my cell 15 minutes per day with no window.

Guess, what, I am out. The guards asked me what I was going to do when I got out? I told them that I am going to sue the Sheriff, Police, and Reach CDC!
Please keep laughing, I am enjoying being the underdog!

The state of Oregon with the Beaure of Labor, has found in favor of Lisa/Lee Iacuzzi, Not a good queer, that gender discrimination occurred and is still occurring at Reach CDC and that it is a hostile environment. I plan on filing a retaliation claim against Reach CDC, who provided false evidence for Glenda Meyers "stalking order" which resulted in 29 days in jail.

I am angry and I will hold all those accountable for my abuse which includes my companion dog being in a locked room for 24 hours without food or water.

I do not apologize for anything!

Lisa/Lee Iacuzzi
Not a Good Queer

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