Thursday, February 28, 2008

Is Heterosexism the same as Racism?

According to Wilchins (2004), who writes about rethinking race: race may be whatever the dominant culture says it needs to be (p. 112). Basically, race is a social construction that is manipulated at different times in history and is politically controlled by the dominant population. There were countless legislative polices discriminating against African Americans that mirror nonheterosexual legislation. The history of African American discrimination in the institution of marriage and military service is comparable to nonheterosexuals today. There were many bans on African Americans marrying white people and a long history of segregation in the military. Examples of heterosexism, or racist, behavior include an attempt to change the Constitution of the United States to ban same sex marriage, and the military’s “do not ask, do not tell” policy. Clearly these actions communicate the practice that nonheterosexuals are not equal due to their sexuality, not the color of the skin.

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