Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sho running for Mayor

By Sho Dozono,

Why I'm running to be Portland's mayor
Wednesday's Oregonian, January 09, 2008

It matters that we have a dialogue about the future of the city.

It matters that education is the cornerstone of our community.

It matters that our economy is healthy and competitive in the global marketplace.

It matters that minority voices be heard and be counted.

It matters what kind of race I run -- win or lose.

My race to be mayor of Portland will be about investing in our educational systems. While K-12 is vital to the well-being of our community, so is pre-kindergarten, higher education and lifelong learning. Healthy schools are key to retaining and attracting families to put down roots and become part of the fabric of our thriving city.

My race will be about the health of our economy. Well-paying jobs allow us to keep our lifestyle satisfying. But more than that, our businesses must be competitive in the fast-moving global economy. We need to be reaching outside of our comfort zone by seeking new markets, building long-lasting relationships that will ensure new jobs in the future. We need bold leadership that can steer us to new opportunities.

My race will be about inclusiveness. We should all matter, but to be counted we must take part in the discussion about the future. We need to take action to achieve our goals. And everyone in our community should take responsibility to make us better by voting. Because if you don't vote, you cannot matter. In a democracy, it's at the ballot box that your voice is finally heard.

My race will be about being free from special interests and political influence. It will be financed through the Portland law that allows any citizen who qualifies to run for citywide office with public funds. This system will allow me to run without obligation to anyone but the citizens who are financing my race. I will run as the people's candidate in the truest sense.

My race will be about the value of public service as well as the need for good government. What we need now in City Hall is a good dose of accountability as to how our tax dollars are spent with the right priorities for investing in our future. We need leadership that can be held responsible to do the right thing for the right reason -- leadership that has been tested and tempered with real-life experiences.

My race will be about the future of this city -- not just about the next four years. It is about the future of our children and grandchildren, about the vision for a city that has not yet realized its full potential. Portland can become one of the best cities in the world if we all work together.

It all matters, and that's why I will run for the honor of serving as the next mayor of Portland.

Sho Dozono is owner of Azumano Travel.

Just because Not a good queer is gay, does not mean that I had to vote for Sam Adams. Sam Adams is an excellent city councilman but I like former teachers who are in politics because they have first hand experience about students!

I still rise, I do not apologize for anything!


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